Sanitary Wastewater Pump Stations

Overcome your wastewater challenges with a proven industry resource designed to reduce service time and the risk of sanitary sewer overflows.

Fulfill Your Wastewater Treatment Needs

Most people are blissfully unaware of the infrastructure required to support basic daily habits, such as washing their hands or flushing the toilet. The most common application for a pump station is to support these functions, and they directly contribute to society’s peace of mind and freedom from concern about the journey of wastewater from their home or business. 

The journey of wastewater varies with each application, but rest assured, a pump station somewhere is working hard to ensure the wastewater reaches its intended destination at a wastewater treatment facility before it discharges into a natural waterway. The mundane but critical task of a wastewater pump station is to move wastewater from a lower elevation through a sanitary force main to a sewer manhole, where it can gravity flow from or directly into a larger sanitary force main for conveyance to the treatment facility. 

These pump stations don’t have an easy life and are constantly hammered with challenges, including pump clogging with non-organic waste, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) corrosion, odor control issues, electrical arc flash hazards and below-ground, confined-space restrictions. We take these challenges into account and have delivered solutions to engineers, developers and municipal clients for decades. 

Wastewater pump stations are commonly found in the following applications: 

  • Sanitary collection systems
  • Pressure sewer systems
  • Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) influent headworks
  • WWTP return activated sludge and waste activated sludge systems
  • WWTP effluent structures and landfill leachate collection systems
  • Industrial wastewater processes
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