Joint Base Andrews 21 Pt. Pump Station Case Study

Mar 16, 2021 12:00:00 PM by: Excel Fluid Group

21pt Firing Range Complete 200x200Site:

Prince George's County, MD
Joint Base Andrews Air Force Base 21 Pt. Firing Range

Application Overview:

NAVFAC recently built a new 21 pt. firing range at Joint Base Andrews and needed a sanitary pump station to be placed in a small area by the range building. Our 3 ft. x 4 ft. NV2 NoVault enclosure fit like a Navy glove. Additionally, through knowledge of a previous pump station we supplied on the base, we helped provide a design that tied into the existing force main, and provided calculations confirming no negative impacts would be seen for the existing pump stations and forcemain.

Pump Station Details:

Excel Fluid Group worked with NAVFAC and ADC Engineering, to propose a turn-key NoVault pump station enclosure with Barnes BLADE 2 in. Explosion proof submersible grinder pumps rated for 80 GPM @ 53 TDH each. The 5 ft. diameter by 11.25 ft. deep HDPE wet well was topped off with a precast polymer flat top; the prefabricated design provided a quicker install and less onsite time at the Naval base.  



The installation was completed by Edifice Solutions team and their sub-contractor as shown below:

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