Concrete Pump Station

Excel Fluid Group Precast Concrete Pump Station Packages for sewage or stormwater have been designed to provide the contractor and end user with a well-engineered, cost-effective product that reduces the excavation size through its cost saving design features.



  • Standard round basins and lids
  • Low profile except controls and generator
  • Concrete or fiberglass basin
  • Large amount of real estate required
  • Permanent crane socket for portable winch

Long Term Disadvantage:

  • Differential settling
  • Difficult to service valves
  • Confined space generally require three persons to service
  • Additional below grade vault required for flow meter

Installation Disadvantage:

  • Larger excavation
  • Additional pipe for drain back to wet well
  • Requires above ground control support
  • Premium fill and compaction equipment required
  • Arc flash regulation addressed
  • Built in flow meter

Package Pump Station


  • Safest design eliminates all confined space requirements
  • Alarms on outer doors for security
  • Smallest excavation & smallest amount of real estate required
  • Single Concrete wet well
  • Various aesthetics schemes
  • Standard round basins and lids
  • Gull wing doors provide shelter in inclement weather conditions
  • Area lighting for servicing lift station at night
  • Built in electric hoist

Long Term Advantage:

  • No Confined space
  • Easy access to all valves and controls

Installation Benefits:

  • Smallest excavation
  • Easily retrofit on top of existing wet well
  • Savings on premium fill and compaction equipment
  • Complete factory assembled & testing

PDF – Concrete Package Pump Station

PDF – NV2 Concrete Pump Station Drawing

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