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Is it difficult for you and your team to remember to complete your regular pump maintenance? Have peace of mind with our Maintenance Plus plan. Depending on your plan, we will complete a full service on your pump system annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. If anything goes wrong with your pump, we have the resources to repair, replace, or maintain your pump station for seamless downtime and optimal performance. We want to be there for you to help prevent when you’ll need us most.

Our pump station preventative maintenance plans automatically include spare parts such as seal and overhaul kits for your specific pumps along with the following:

  • A detailed pump station electronic inspection report
  • Clean and check the level of operations of the controls
  • A pump down test for each pump and record of the level drop to monitor any changes of the pump's performance
  • Amperages drawn and checked from each pump
  • Each pump motor megged to test the motor’s insulation
  • An ohm check on each seal fail resistor
  • And more!

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Maintenance Plus Repair

Get the Best Value with the Quarterly Plus Program

Get a pump station preventative maintenance check four times a year that includes:

  • Filled out a detailed pump station inspection report
  • Replacement pumps, up to 20hp, in stock
  • Replacement control components in stock
  • Cellular modem to remotely monitor the pump station 24/7 with Pump Vision
  • Replacement of any NoVault™ door assembly items
  • Crane lifting hoist
  • Any other spare parts related to the pump station

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Get bulk pricing advantages on up to four pump stations

Once a year pump station preventative maintenance check.
Twice a year pump station preventative maintenance check.
Four times a year pump station preventative maintenance check.

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