Fort Bragg SERE Training Complex Case Study

Jun 15, 2022 9:40:43 AM by: Excel Fluid Group

Fort Bragg Complete 200x200Site:

Fort Bragg, NC

SERE Training Complex

NoVault Pump Station

Application Overview:

We worked with American States Utilities Services, Inc. (ASUS) to design a new wastewater pump station for a new tactical training facility at the SERE Training Complex in Fort Bragg, NC. There was only a small lot of land where a pump station could fit. To accommodate this limitation, ASUS and Fort Bragg went with the 3 ft. x 4 ft. NoVault pump station that eliminates the need for a separate valve vault or and minimizes utility easement requirements..

Pump Station Details:

With the limited space available, we fit a 6 ft. diameter by 15 ft. deep HDPE wet well on a NoVault pump station. Two 15 HP Barnes 3 in. submersible grinder pumps are rated to pump 120 GPM at 175 TDH. It’s all controlled by an ArcSentry™ duplex control panel with a Milbank NEMA 3R Aluminum Power Pedestal and Cummins 60kW Skid Mount Diesel Generator.



The installation was completed by Locke-Lane Construction with consulting from Excel Fluid Group as shown below:

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