Package Pump Stations

Excel Fluid Group offers a complete range of custom made, packaged pump stations.  Excel has been on the forefront of technological innovation in the production of packaged pumping stations for sewage, effluent, and stormwater drainage.

  • Suitable for domestic, commercial and municipal applications
  • Designed specifically with operator safety in mind.
  • Choice of pump option includes a wide range of submersible, self-priming and other pump configurations
  • Available in Simplex, Duplex and Triplex Configurations
  • Extensive controls to suit all performance requirements

Excel Fluid Group prefabricated packaged pump stations can also be used as neutralization and buffer pits in trade waste treatment systems, holding tanks in tank farms and stormwater detention chambers, solids settling pits and dump tanks in water and wastewater treatment systems.

Pump Station Installation Map

Pump Station Design Type
Wet Well Type
Application Type