NoVault 3 (NV3) Pump Station

The Excel Fluid Group NoVault 3 (NV3) is a larger size pump station enclosure (above ground valve chamber) based on the full access design developed in the NV2 pump station. The larger footprint of this station makes it ideal for triplex pump applications and can be provided with 4", 6", 8" or 10" diameter pipe & valve headers. Built with rugged aluminum and feature packed for operational convenience, the NoVault pump station is, by design, one of the most versatile units on the market today.

The Excel NoVault pump station is the “Next Generation” in municipal wastewater collection system management. Our engineering department can modify standard construction features to fit almost any job specific requirement. Excel Fluid Group is your single-source supplier for complete lift stations including concrete, structural HDPE or fiberglass basins and your choice of controls and telemetry.

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Compact Layout

The Excel NoVault design incorporates the valves and lift station controls within the footprint of the wetwell. For installation in areas with limited space the Excel NoVault provides all of the features commonly found in conventional lift stations.

The NoVault pump station is the designer’s dream come true; with the smallest footprint available and aesthetics to blend into your environment it has become the first choice for many developers, consultants and communities.







PDF - EFG NoVault Pump Station Brochure

PDF - EFG HDPE Pump Station Brochure

PDF - EFG Polymer Concrete Flat Top Flyer

PDF - EFG NV3 Technical Specifications

PDF - EFG NV3 Concrete Pump Station Drawing

PDF - EFG NV3 HDPE Pump Station Drawing

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