Lemm Corp. Pump Station Case Study

Mar 19, 2020 5:30:37 PM by: Excel Fluid Group

Lemm Corp InstallSite:

North Bend Nitrogen Facility

Application Overview:

Albertz Engineering worked with Lemm Corp to design a new surface water run-off pump station to service the North Bend Nitrogen Facility in North Bend Ohio. This was designed to replace the existing system that was outdated and prone to clogging from leaves, twigs and other solids found in the surface water run-off.

Pump Station Details:

An Excel Fluid Group factory built pump station with a polymer concrete flattop, aluminum NoVault enclosure and Barnes Sithe series 20 Hp chopper pumps was deemed most suitable for this application. The Excel NoVault satisfied the client’s concern about confined space hazards as all service can be performed at grade by opening the enclosure gull-wing doors. In addition, the chopper pumps will ensure the pumps won’t clog from solids & trash found in the run-off water.



The installation was completed by K3 Complete as shown below:

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