Retrofit Pump Stations

Excel Fluid Group Retrofit Pump Station Packages for sewage or stormwater have been designed to provide the contractor and end user with a well-engineered, cost-effective product that extends the life of your existing pump station. By replacing the existing pump station piping, pumps, or controls in your wet well structure, we can help you upcycle your existing pump station structure saving you excavation and basin install costs.

Dry-Pit Removals

Conventional vs NV2 - Set 2 - Cycle-1

Pump station designs in the 1960s and 70s often included a wet well and a separate, adjacent, equally deep dry well. The dry well structure at the time meant the full excavation had to be much larger and more costly to install than practices of today.  Additionally, there were confined space entry issues that arouse any time the pumps needed to be maintained or even serviced when the control panel was underground in the dry well. Lastly, if there was a failure in the system from a pump or pipe failure or the additional sump pump was overwhelmed, the dry well could flood. This typically meant the dry pit pumps were ruined, the controls were wrecked, and there was little else to do except bypass the dry and wet pits simultaneously.

Our solution to update these outdated systems is to fill in the dry pits and use our NoVault™ pump station design with submersible pumps. The NoVault eliminates the need for typical confined space entry by bringing all of the valve tree piping and controls above grade. Our design can use the existing wet well and simply place the pump station enclosure over the wet well with a precast polymer concrete flat top. Not only does this make for a simple transition in design by reusing the existing structure but it also provides a safer pump station with a more compact layout that bring your team the “Next Generation” in municipal wastewater collection system management.

Pump in Wet Well with NoVault 300x400

Self-Priming to Submersible Transition

Let's say you don't have a separate dry pit but you're actually using self-priming pumps and you want to transition from them to a submersible pump station design. We can help with that too. Whether the station has seen a change in flow or the ongoing maintenance of a self-priming station becomes too much, there are many reasons an operator would want to switch from one design to another. 

Once again, our NoVault pump station design can provide a safer design and is prefabricated in our Cleveland facilities so it arrives to site ready to install. It takes the modern day submersible design concept with a separate valve vault and compacts it all into one, neat solution. You can learn more about the NoVault versus a conventional pump station design from our recent blog post

Modern Pump Replacement

What if you like your separate dry pit set up or you don't have the budget for a complete redesign but are still looking to replace the pumps with a more modern type? Our team also has you covered. As pump technology has advanced, pump motors like the Barnes Envie3 high efficiency air-filled motors come without the traditional application limitations. Offered in both vertical and horizontal configurations and with non-clog and chopper wet ends, it's adaptable for shallow well applications. Designed to run both submerged and dry run, these motors are where versatility meets high performance.

Obviously, a new pump isn't always going to fit the existing design you already have. That is where our 30+ years of pump station design comes in. We will work with you to get dimension of the existing layout and then our drawing team will use SolidWorks to design a 3D model for a drop in replacement of the existing pumps. This ensures the pump, pump stand, and any new piping fit before it all arrives to site to install in the dry well. 

Strongville - Retrofit Pump Install

PDF – NV2 Concrete Pump Station Drawing

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