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Submersible Pumps vs. Self-Priming Pumps: What to Use in Your Pump Station

Submersible Pumps vs. Self-Priming Pumps? Push or pull? It can get really embarrassing when you walk up to a door and try the wrong one. Lucky for you, when designing a pump station, you have an...


How to Design a Pump Station for a Flood Zone

What is the Importance of a Flood Zone Pump Station? Wastewater pump station must be designed to operate 24/7 365 for decades regardless of inclement weather conditions. A pump station designers’...


The Challenges & Impacts of Groundwater & Stormwater on Infrastructure

The Impacts of Groundwater & Stormwater on Infrastructure In many communities across the United States, groundwater and stormwater are valuable resources that are collected and treated for everyday...


What is the ArcSentry™ Control Panel?

Why Use the ArcSentry™ Control Panel Safety is our number one priority. When working with pump stations constantly pumping water and wastewater it is very important to be aware of the electrical...


Pump Station Controls & Remote Monitoring with PUMP Vision™

How PUMP Vision™ Works with Your Pump Station Controls There are many options available today for pump station controls. Continued innovation in control software and monitoring software adds to the...


What Emergency Power Supply is Right for Your Pump Station?

How to Decide What Emergency Power Supply is Right Sewage and stormwater pump stations are a critical part of everyday infrastructure. However, when pump stations are needed most, they need to have...


What Affects Your Pump Station’s Cost?

What Goes into a Pump Station's Cost There are a lot of factors that go into determining how much a pump station costs. For our example, one pump station could be a NoVault™ NV2 with a 6 ft. x 20 ft....


How To Design an Efficient Pump Station

How To Achieve Pump Station Efficiency When we speak of the efficiency of any machine, we are referring to how well it can convert one form of energy into another. Much like a car, there are a lot of...


Frequently Asked Pump Station Questions

Advantages of Pre-Packaged Pump Stations What are the advantages of a pre-packaged pump station?  Pre-packaged pump stations are cost-efficient ways to make sure your pump station is optimized for...


Who are the Best Sanitary Pump Station Manufacturers? (Ratings/Reviews)

The Top Six Sanitary Pump Station Manufacturers We at Excel Fluid Group, pride ourselves on designing packaged pump stations efficiently. We have installed over 5,000 pump stations nationwide and...


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