Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic Hose Pumps

Excel Fluid Group offers Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps. Verderflex industrial peristaltic pumps are extremely robust and ideal for heavy duty operations on continuous or intermittent duty cycles. They are a simple to use, easy to control, versatile, and a reliable way to pump liquids.

With maximum flow rates ranging from 0.25 GPH to 400 GPM there is a Verderflex Industrial peristaltic pump for most medium to high pressure pumping requirements.

The VF Series Pumps are traditional close coupled peristaltic pumps with a full range of pump sizes from 10mm to 125mm.

The Dura Series Pump represents the latest technical advances in hose pumps. These pumps combine the compact design of the close coupled pump with the advantages of the gearbox protecting gap. This design offers a space savings of up 40% against traditional pump designs. Pumps are available in 7 sizes from 5mm to 45mm.

Tube Pumps

Excel Fluid Group offers the Verderflex Rapide Tube Pump range of industrial pumps with a balanced selection of simple to operate Peristaltic pumps. This range offers flow rates from 0.45GPM to 4.5GPM, simple to use, requiring no tools during the tube change and replaces air diaphragm pumps.

The range has been developed to offer reliable and cost effective pumping solutions for industrial applications. Standard designs incorporate rugged aluminum pump heads with “thick-walled” tubing for increased suction lift and IP55 gear motors with both single and three phase options.

The Verderflex® Rapide is an excellent, low flow dosing pump capable of handling viscous, abrasive and chemically aggressive media with total containment and leak free pumping.

Advantages of the Rapide Tube Pump:

  • Compact and easy to use
  • Can be integrated into third party equipment such as printing presses
  • Designed for industrial environments including chemical, mining, printing, and water treatment
  • Can be used with variable frequency drives (VFDs)

Rapide Specifications

Standard Speeds: 68, 93, 137/140 and 196 rpm depending on model

Control: inverter optional

Voltage: 230/400V 50Hz / 254/460V 60Hz (Single Phase Available to special order)

Installed Motor Power: 0.18kW 50Hz / 0.21kW (0.28HP) 60Hz

Standard Tube Materials: Verderprene, Silicone

Rapide ‘S’

The Rapide ‘S’ has an easy-fit saddle which allows simple and fast tube changes.

Advantages of the Rapide ‘S’ Tube Pump

  • Easy-fit tube saddle for rapid tube changes
  • Manufactured from chemically resistant Polyoxymethylene (POM)
  • Transparent front cover manufactured from Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)
  • Pressure range 0-2 bar
  • 3 roller heads
  • When connected the SSD Safety interlock can stop the drive whenever the saddle is opened or removed
  • In-line tube arrangement, providing a kink free liquid path
  • Can be used with variable frequency drives (VFDs)

Rapide ‘S’ Specifications:

  • Standard Speeds: 60, 113, 151 & 220 rpm
  • Control: inverter optional
  • Multi-channel: up to 4 channels (when factory built)
  • Voltage: 230/400V 50Hz / 254/460V 60Hz (Single Phase Available to special order)
  • Installed Motor Power: 0.37kW 50Hz / 0.45kW (0.6HP) 60Hz
  • Standard Tube Materials: Verderprene, Silicone

Lightning fast tube change

The easy-fit tube saddle is designed for single handed operation, allowing the tube to be loaded quickly and easily from above, even wearing gloves.

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