Industrial Pump Stations

Ensure your project meets regulatory approval with a pump station designed and engineered specifically for industrial needs.

Industrial Pumping Solutions

Pump stations have been installed in hundreds of processes moving large amounts of fluid into, out of or through industrial environments. If your process includes large quantities of wastewater, chemicals, solvents, slurries and other process fluids generated during product research, testing, processing and manufacturing, you need a pump that can handle it all. 

Whatever your industrial pumping needs are, Excel Fluid Group is your proven industry resource for effective turnkey pump station solutions. Our industrial pumps include:

  • Process waste pump stations
  • Potable water booster stations
  • Control panel equipment and communication systems
  • Surface water pump stations
  • Leachate pump stations
  • Process sludge grinder package systems
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Core Products

We offer an extensive range of pump stations for a wide variety of applications and market segments.

Slurry Pumps


Submersible Non-Clog Pumps


Peristaltic Hose Pumps


Fiberglass Pump Stations


Pump Station Installation Map

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