Metro Health Glick Center Case Study

Aug 16, 2022 12:00:00 PM by: Excel Fluid Group

MetroHealth Complete 200x200Site:

Cleveland, OH

MetroHealth Cleveland Campus

NoVault NV3 Pump Station

Application Overview:

We worked with EMH&T to design a new wastewater pump station for the MetroHealth Glick Center. As the pump station wasn't anticipated from the beginning of the project, there was limited space to add this to the site. MetroHealth and EMH&T went with a prefabricated NoVault™ pump station that eliminated the need for a separate valve vault reducing the footprint required. From initial inquiry to start up, this station took only 5 months to complete.

Pump Station Details:

We used a 10 ft. diameter by 27 ft. deep concrete wet well with a NoVault pump station. Two 6 in. 20 HP Barnes SITHE submersible chopper pumps are rated for pump 900 GPM peak flow. With the higher likelihood of foreign objects in the waste stream, we included an inlet channel grinder.



The installation was completed by Great Lakes Construction Co. with consulting from Excel Fluid Group as shown below:

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