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Excel Fluid Group offers a wide range of products for your specific application, the Barnes EcoTRAN™ Low Pressure Sewer System, a sewage pump package solution to the residential market for new or existing sewer needs. The EcoTRAN Grinder Pump System preserves groundwater ecology by collecting and grinding residential sewage in an underground basin and transmitting the waste under pressure to a remote private or municipal waste treatment plant. The unit is easily installed and maintained as well as aesthetically pleasing.


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Low Pressure Sewer System Homeowner Features

The Barnes EcoTRAN Low Pressure Sewer System is dependable, safe and aesthetically pleasing to homeowners.

The EcoTRAN is equipped with a sealed pressure switch, eliminating costly maintenance frequently required of float systems where grease is present or in areas where mercury float switches are banned or restricted. Additionally, a highly dependable centrifugal grinder pump eliminates wearing components for trouble-free operation.

Equipped with a low profile, non-rusting alarm box with a silence button, the system provides both light and horn notification in the event of pump malfunction. The EcoTRAN Low Pressure Sewer System is also equipped with a lockable rock-shaped cover, which makes the system safe and completely childproof. This unique cover design also blends well with its surroundings, reducing visual impact, which makes the system both out of sight and out of mind.

Low Pressure Sewer System Maintenance

The Barnes EcoTRAN Low Pressure Sewer System is easy to maintain. All system maintenance is performed from topside so confined space entry is never required.

The cover is easily removed by unlocking the padlock, twisting the cover to unlock and then lifting off. The level control can be readily removed without handling the pump. The pump-mounted check valve, discharge diaphragm and anti-siphon valve are all easily serviced. A pre-attached two-point lifting harness allows quick and easy removal of the pump with no unbolting required.

To facilitate repair, the pump motor is bolted to frame components, rather than press or shrink-fit to the housing. The shut-off valve, connected to the pod, is easily removed from above. The isolation valve is also operated from above with a color-coded actuation cord.

Quick-connect cords were designed to simplify pump and level control connection, allowing for rapid component swapping if needed. All systems are equipped with standard alarm boxes with circuit breakers, eliminating the need to decipher through complicated, customized control panels, or optional boxes with generator receptacles.

Why Use a Low Pressure Sewer System?

Low pressure sewer systems are an effective method to move residential wastewater through small diameter pipes to collection facilities where other methods are less economical or less feasible. The primary differences between conventional gravity sewer systems and low pressure sewer systems are in the piping network and the reduction of solids size in the wastewater. Low pressure sewer systems use specialized Barnes submersible grinder pumps, which are designed to reduce sewage particulate size to easily move the sewage through small diameter pipes.

The application of Barnes grinder pumps and low pressure sewer systems is a cost-effective, long-life answer to allow more home sites, both existing and new, access to a public sewer system or regional private wastewater treatment system. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Barnes offers a choice of two different grinder pumps with an EcoTRAN System. Which pump should I choose?

A. The Omni Grind (OGV) is rated for low to medium heads, up to 95 feet or 41 PSIG, while the Omni Grind Plus (OGP) is designed for higher heads, up to 180 feet or 78 PSIG at 10GPM. The project engineer or a Barnes pressure sewer specialist can advise the expected head based on the system piping design, or you can simply select the OGP for any head up to 180 feet.


Q. Are progressing cavity grinder pumps available with the EcoTRAN System?

A. No. In order to provide the best possible grinder pump life, we have chosen to use grinder pumps with the proven centrifugal vortex design. Progressing cavity pumps continuously wear, and the wear is accelerated under certain operating conditions; centrifugal pumps by their nature are not affected by pressure extremes or high flow rates.


Q. The Barnes EcoTRAN System is fairly compact. What do I do if additional retention capacity is required?

A. Barnes offers an extensive line of engineered low pressure sewer systems with available depths up to 20 feet and diameters up to six feet. Larger capacity stations are readily available for your specific needs.


Q. Many specifications call for a minimum 24″ diameter basin. Why was the riser on the EcoTRAN System selected with an 18″ diameter?

The size of the external cover (effective diameter) depends primarily on the riser diameter; an 18″ diameter was chosen to reduce the visual impact of the cover in the homeowner’s yard. The specifications calling for a 24″ diameter require a worker to enter the basin to perform shutoff valve maintenance. With the removable POD design, all maintenance is performed from topside, eliminating the need for confined space entry.


Q. How are children prevented from gaining access to the basin or the alarm box?

A. The EcoTRAN is provided with brass padlocks for both the basin cover and the alarm box.


Q. What happens if solid materials or drain cleaners enter the system from house?

A.  The EcoTRAN has been thoroughly tested and qualified to NSF/ANSI 46, a specification that requires successful operation despite the occasional entry of a wide range of challenging materials, including cloth.



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