Our Approach

Excel Fluid Group is a North American-based pump station manufacturer committed to providing cost-effective and efficient water and wastewater solutions for engineers, contractors and developers. We offer a wide range of products and services for the municipal, industrial and commercial sectors.

Our goal for every project is to:

From pump station design and pump station installation to ongoing service and support, learn more about our three-step project approach below.

1. Design

Design Work Computer

We approach every project with open discussions, site visits and analysis of existing infrastructure to establish a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, expectations and to formulate a clear project report.

Once we've thoroughly understood the project demands, our team will examine every system component with life-cycle costs in mind. Our detailed pump design submittals include overall functionality with civil, mechanical, plumbing and electrical CAD drawings. We use our experience to propose innovative solutions to reduce clients’ operational costs and provide safety benefits for maintenance personnel.

Our Design Process

  1. Define Requirements
  2. Analyze Pump Curves
  3. Wet Well Sizing Calculations
  4. Sales Concept Drawing
  5. Write Technical Specifications
  6. Budgetary Proposal


2. Build

For more than 30 years, Excel Fluid Group has been committed to manufacturing superior quality products to strict standards. We perform all fabrication and performance testing in a factory-controlled environment, which is subject to workplace safety and quality audits, ensuring pump stations are built to exacting specifications.

Our dedicated project management team works with our clients to establish a site construction program that highlights critical timelines and milestones for your project. They will keep key contacts and operators informed of the manufacturing schedule to ensure system compliance and timely delivery. Our service team will provide pump station installation assistance at the job site so equipment is installed according to specifications and to reduce installation delays.

We provide our clients with the opportunity to witness the factory acceptance testing and performance checks under the supervision of our project management personnel. Once the equipment has arrived and been installed at the job site, our service team will analyze system performance, flow rate, pressure measurements and perform any adjustments on mechanical and electrical components. Once the equipment is performing according to project specifications, we provide on-site training for the client’s maintenance personnel and discuss preventative maintenance procedures.

NV2 Build Work

Our Build Process

  1. Raw Materials Sourced
  2. Enclosure Built
  3. Mechanical Components Installed
  4. Electrical Components Installed
  5. Factory Tested
  6. Wet Well Installed
  7. Flat Top Set
  8. Packaged Pump Station Delivered and Installed
  9. Start-Up


3. Maintain

Our entire team from sales, project management, production and service personnel is available to assist clients with ongoing service of equipment we supplied and support of our products with industry-leading warranties. We can provide scheduled maintenance calls and can also provide local service contacts for remote areas. We also offer a Maintenance Plus program that that will provide annual, semi-annual, or quarterly maintenance checks to give you peace of mind knowing your pump station is running efficiently and effectively.



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