Love's Travel Store Springfield, GA Pump Station Case Study

May 10, 2022 12:00:00 PM by: Excel Fluid Group

Loves Travel Store Complete 200x200Site:

Springfield, GA
Love's Travel Stores #819

Application Overview:

Love’s Travel Stores worked with Chipola Engineering Group, Inc. to develop a sanitary lift station for their new truck stop location in Springfield, GA. Water and sewer infrastructure was required to service this new location.

Pump Station Details:

The Excel Fluid Group team built a 5 ft. diameter by 19 ft. deep HDPE wet well to provide a monolithic structure that helps prevent H2S corrosion. On top of that was a 3 ft. x 4 ft. NoVault™ NV2 enclosure that provided full access to the pipe header and control panel above grade. Equipped with two Barnes 3 in. submersible Sithe chopper pumps, designed to handle the worst that a truck stop has to offer. Finally, it included an Excel ArcSentry™ duplex control panel with NEMA ATL motor starters on 480V, Three Phase service and included a 6 in. PumpVision™ touch screen controller.  



The installation was completed by Excel Fluid Group and Asa Carlton Services as shown below:

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