Silicon Carbide Coating in the Galvanizing Industry

After continued expensive seal replacement due to run-dry and normal seal failure, the largest galvanizing facility on the west coast has switched to Finish Thompson’s UC series ANSI dimensional centrifugal pumps. The application was a caustic circulation system for a 60’ long x 6’ wide x 10’ deep caustic rinse tank. The UC326 fit their required flow and pressure. FTI’s SiC Dri-Coat diamond like coating over the bushing and shaft helped with the occasional upset conditions.

What is SiC Dri-Coat? Using an advanced coating technique, a specialized material is deposited on the silicon carbide shaft and bushings, providing a thin layer of amorphous carbon on the running surfaces. The resulting diamond-like coating (DLC) is very hard (harder than alpha sintered silicon carbide), very strong, conforms easily to the underlying silicon carbide, is chemically inert and most importantly, has a very low coefficient of friction. It is this low coefficient of friction that allows SiC Dri-Coat components to offer run dry protection as well as being chemically resistant and well suited for abrasive applications. In addition, it is thermally stable and will not shatter or crack when liquid is introduced while running dry.

However FTI does not recommend you run your pump dry for extended periods of time so the customer also installed a M20 power monitor to get the ultimate in pump protection. The autoset feature made set up quick and easy and they have not had a run dry problem since they installed the M20.

We are looking forward to additional installations in their ammonia tank, rinse tank, and acid tank. By asking the right questions and solving the customer’s problem our distributor has gained a long term partnership with their customer.

Finish Thompson UC Series brochure, download here