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As pump station manufacturers, our experience accumulated over the last 25-plus years in supplying package solutions ensures accurate product selection for a long-term, cost-effective answer for any application. From pump station design to installation, we have provided water and wastewater solutions for engineers, contractors and developers for municipal, industrial and commercial applications.


We’re committed to manufacturing superior quality products to strict standards. Our experts ensure we have a thorough understanding of project needs, so pump stations are built to exact specifications. We use our experience to propose innovative solutions. Our experts can work with you from an application review and design to installation and start-up to ensure quality, safety and performance. 

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Excel Fluid Group offers custom factory-assembled pump stations, providing a complete solution with a single point of contact, and we offer support at all stages of construction. Our goal on every project is to offer exceptional value, reduce installation costs, eliminate typical field installation challenges and reduce long-term service costs for the end user.

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Once the equipment has arrived and been installed at the job site, our service team will analyze system performance, flow rate, pressure measurements and perform any adjustments on mechanical and electrical components. Once the equipment is performing according to project specifications, we provide on-site training for the client’s maintenance personnel and discuss preventative maintenance procedures. 

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Water & Wastewater Applications

Excel Fluid Group offers a wide range of products and services to the municipal, industrial and commercial sectors, covering all applications in fluid transfer of sanitary wastewater, stormwater, industrial wastewater and potable water to ensure you receive the solutions you need.

Water & Wastewater Applications


  • Sanitary collection system pump stations
  • Stormwater pump stations
  • CSO tanks and pump systems
  • Pressure sewage pumping stations
  • Potable water booster stations
  • Wastewater treatment plant pump stations (influent, RAS, WAS or effluent)
  • Control panel equipment and communication systems
  • Process sludge grinder package systems
  • Process waste pump stations
  • Potable water booster stations
  • Control panel equipment and communication systems
  • Surface water pump stations
  • Leachate pump stations
  • Process sludge grinder package systems
  • Sanitary wastewater lift stations
  • Stormwater pump stations and retention tanks 
  • Rainwater harvesting pump systems
  • Potable water booster stations
  • Control panel equipment and communication systems
  • Oil/Water separations and grease trap package systems
  • Septic system pump stations
  • Process sludge grinder package systems

We approach every project with open discussions, site visits and analysis of existing infrastructure to establish a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs. 

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