Excel Fluid Group has extensive experience with Self-Priming Trash Pumps.  Working with Crown and Pioneer Pumps, Excel provides pumps in a wide range of applications for municipal and industrial applications.

Crown Self Priming Pumps

Crown Pumps are designed for wastewater and construction dewatering. Superior performance to 4,400 GPM and heads to 184 TDH while handling spherical solids up to 3 in. (80mm). Available in close-coupled and frame-mounted, direct or v-belt drive configurations.

Patented Pioneer Prime

Pioneer’s Vacuum Assisted self-priming pumps with high efficiency and solids handling capability of up to 3”. All Pioneer standard centrifugal models are designed to stand up under the most demanding environments. Over-sized shafts and bearings, optimal materials, and advanced designs combine to create products that deliver performance in the field.

Timing belt driven vacuum pump removes air from the suction line while the
patented PosiValve™ prevents liquid entry into the vacuum pump.

  • Quick initial priming
  • Overcomes minor suction-side leaks
  • Continuous, unattended reprime under auto stop/start conditions

PDF – Crown Pumps

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