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Concrete Pump Station
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Excel Fluid Group Precast Concrete Pump Station Packages for sewage or storm water have been designed to provide the contractor and his client with a well-engineered, cost-effective product that offers reduced excavation and real estate expenses through its cost saving design features.


The wetwell is a mold-formed product, manufactured in steel molds with intense vibration. The design, is therefore adequate for at least a 50 year life. This is further improved by the use of a calcareous aggregate which provides a sacrificial element in corrosive environments, minimizing the inter-granular corrosion common in standard concrete.

The integral valve chamber provides a safe working environment, sealed from the wetwell atmosphere, while eliminating the common problem of differential settlement between wetwell and valve chamber.

Piping is available in ductile iron with fl anged dismantling joints for superior hydraulic flow performance. Alternate materials such as PVC and stainless steel are available.


A sewage wetwell is a very dangerous confi ned space that has claimed many lives over past years and places a special obligation of care on all those involved—including the contractor and his client.

Excel Fluid Group, working with sister companies and authorities throughout the World has developed the Excel Fluid Group Precast ’Premier‘ Concrete Pumping Station Packages to minimize your risk, by providing a well-designed, safe installation where almost all maintenance can be performed without entering the wetwell.

While this may cost a little more than home-made solutions in the first place, the long-term operating and maintenance costs are substantially reduced through superior design and the use of quality equipment and materials.

Work Safety Features

The Danger

Arguably the most dangerous place you can go in any major development (other than in a lift well while it is running), is the sewage or stormwater pumping station. Pumping stations need periodic maintenance which involves service personnel working over the top of and inside the chamber. Occupational Health and Safety regulations require that designers, manufacturers and suppliers of confined space must ensure that the need for any person to enter the space is eliminated or reduce so far as is practical.

A sewer pump station is a difficult confined space, made so much worse in that it contains repugnant sewage or drainage waters carrying possible disease and Hep C, is full of obnoxious and poisonous gases and may contain explosive hydrocarbons or toxic chemicals. Service personnel face a formidable range of dangers including the risk of falling in, infection, drowning, explosion, disease, chemical burns, electrocution and being hit by passing traffic. Despite the regulations requiring that risk assessments be made before entering a confined space and that safety equipment be used, both fatal and potentially fatal accidents do still occur.

The Excel Fluid Group pumping stations are labeled and manufactured with ‘no confined space entry’

The Solution

Excel Fluid Group Pollution Services made a conscious decision to dramatically reduce the possibility of such accidents occurring by designing a pump station which requires virtually no maintenance. The result of this initiative is the Excel Fluid Group Packaged Pump Station. The concept has received recognition from both the OH&S industry and Water Authorities as setting new standards in safety and serviceability. Not only have the hazards of pump station maintenance been significantly reduced, but by carefully assessing all aspects of sewer pump station design, pump station reliability has been greatly increased and operating costs are dramatically reduced. The preceding list of features are fitted as standard to both the 5’ - 10 7/8” diameter and the 7’- 4 1/2” diameter Excel Fluid Group Package Pump Station range.



  • Standard round basins and lids
  • Low profile except controls and generator
  • Concrete or fiberglass basin
  • Large amount of real estate required
  • Permanent crane socket for portable winch

Long Term Disadvantage:

  • Differential settling
  • Difficult to service valves
  • Confined space generally require three persons to service
  • Additional below grade vault required for flow meter

Installation Disadvantage: 

  • Larger excavation
  • Additional pipe for drain back to wet well
  • Requires above ground control support
  • Premium fill and compaction equipment required
  • Arc flash regulation addressed
  • Built in flow meter

Package Pump Station


  • Safest design eliminates all confined space requirements
  • Alarms on outer doors for security
  • Smallest excavation & smallest amount of real estate required
  • Single basin Concrete or fiberglass
  • Various aesthetics schemes
  • Standard round basins and lids
  • Gull wing doors provide shelter in inclement weather conditions
  • Area lighting for servicing lift station at night
  • Built in electric hoist

Long Term Advantage: 

  • No Confined space
  • Easy access to all valves and controls

Installation Benefits:

  • Smallest excavation
  • Easily retrofit on top of existing wet well
  • Savings on premium fill and compaction equipment
  • Complete factory assembled & testing

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