Finish Thompson DB Series for Bio-Gas Scrubber System

Finish Thompson DB Series mag-drive pumps for biogas generator systems

A manufacturer of biogas generator systems is successfully using Finish Thompson DB Series mag-drive pumps in their formulation of biofuel. The popularity of generating power using biogas as an alternative energy resource has been growing globally and is now used by many farmers in the U.S., allowing them to recycle waste while creating a renewable fuel used to produce energy.

Biogas is produced by a process that causes the breakdown of organic waste, resulting in raw methane gas. Methane gas is generally not acceptable as a fuel in its raw form, as it can cause corrosion of the generator, resulting in expensive repairs; therefore, corrosive contaminates must be removed from the raw gas in order to supply the unit with a clean fuel. To refine the biogas and remove particulate from the methane, a scrubber system is used to recirculate water in a tank across the media to trap contaminates. The liquid by-product of the scrubber is a solution of low concentration sulfuric acid.

Both the sulfuric acid and contaminates can cause corrosion and seal failure in metallic mechanically sealed pumps. So, in order to avoid costly repairs of metallic sealed pumps and the downtime required for their maintenance, the manufacturer considered Finish Thompson pumps ideal for their scrubber system since our sealless, non-metallic pumps eliminate corrosion issues that other pumps may experience when exposed to corrosive fluids.

In addition to the rugged polypropylene or PVDF outer construction, the inner drive of the DB Series pumps is manufactured with three layers of molded plastic, giving it the ability to resist chemical attack by aggressive fluids. DB Series outer drive magnets are nickel plated and each pump has a sealed motor adapter for added corrosion resistance.

Finish Thompson’s DB Series pumps are successfully used as part of a scrubber system that cleans raw methane gas to give the biogas generator’s engine a cleaner, more optimal fuel source. The production and use of this biogas allows farms the ability to not only recycle waste, but to create a renewable energy source, saving themselves and their communities thousands of dollars in energy costs while helping to preserve the environment.

Finish Thompson DB Series brochure, download here