Addressing Seal Issues at Lift Station

The Challenge

A city in Ohio was experiencing unsystematic and random failures of their existing 6” discharge pumps. The pumps would go down due to mechanical seal failure with no prior notice. The city’s primary operator was frustrated since replacing the proprietary seals averaged nearly $3000 per pump and took weeks to repair, causing severe strain to their maintenance budget.

The Solution

Excel Fluid Group addressed this problem by installing a BARNES submersible pump that uses standard mechanical seals and could be replaced by the city’s service team. Excel Fluid Group provided a slide rail adapter and external relays for use in the existing control panel to connect moisture temperature alarms to the Village SCADA System. As a bonus the pumps are operating with a longer seal life than the originals.

The Result

The BARNES pump has been installed since June 2010. The Village has not had any clogging issues and has had dramatically reduced mechanical seal challenges. This pump continues to benefit the customer today. The officials from the village recently reported that the pump has been working well since its installation. The solution provided to the city has given them a more service friendly pump and reduced the need for service.

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