What is an Arc Flash?

Arc Flash is one of the most dangerous hazards in the workplace, causing hundreds of fatalities and thousands of injuries each year.

An arc flash is a sudden movement of electrical current through the air when an arcing fault occurs between phase to phase, phase to neutral, or phase to ground conductors. An arc flash gives off heat and an intense light. Temperatures can rise to 35,000 F. This extreme temperature melts, vaporizes metal, ignites clothing and causes fatal burns.

The vaporization and expansion of metals causes an arc blast, which produces immense sound and pressure waves that can be as powerful as a dynamite explosion. These pressure waves can rupture eardrums, collapse lungs, and propel workers across the room. Molten metal droplets and fragments of surrounding equipment will be expelled at speeds up to 700 miles per hour causing blunt force trauma, cuts and abrasions. Inhalation of vaporized materials can be toxic. In environments that contain explosive gases or combustible materials, even low energy arcs can trigger violent explosions.

Solution: The Excel Fluid Group No-Vault 2 (NV2) Pump Station 

An arc flash can have a variety of causes, including buildup of conductive dust, dropping tools, condensation, material failure, faulty installation. A very effective preventative for arc flash is a control panel divided into 3 boxes to separate the highest potential wires, which Excel Fluid Group manufactures

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