Drum Pumps Are Not Just For Drums

Our drum pumps are used on a variety of container types and sizes.

Take a closer look at the humble bucket. A five gallon bucket full of water weighs approximately 41 pounds. Many liquids are heavier than water increasing the weight of the bucket. Pouring liquid from a bucket is hard on the back, difficult to control and can result in potentially dangerous splashing, if the liquid is corrosive. Specifically designed to allow the safe and easy transfer of fluids out of buckets, Finish Thompson’s EF-16 is an excellent choice.

IBC’s ,Intermediate Bulk Containers, (often called totes) are another popular application for FTI drum pumps. Designed to hold five or six drums of product in a single container, IBC’s are a popular choice for higher volume users of various chemicals. They are typically square plastic containers in an external wire rack. A 48” long FTI drum pump can be used in the standard five drum tote while the larger six drum “super tote” requires a 54” or 60” long pump tube depending upon the pump series and required performance.

In addition, the longer lengths are used directly in a variety of storage or process tanks like a plating tank for example.

So remember, if you see drums, buckets or IBC’s, recommend a Finish Thompson “drum” pump!